Senior Living

Senior Living

“I wish we found out about Paymerang sooner. The automated system saves us time and money and the people are wonderful to work with!”

— CFO, Harbor’s Edge Retirement Community

We take care of payments so you can focus on what matters for your community

Complicated manual processes can drain your accounting staff and distract from the world-class experience you provide for your community.

By moving to Paymerang’s Payment Automation and Invoice Automation solutions, your organization can save hundreds of hours a year spent tracking invoices as well as printing, stuffing and mailing checks. We’ll get you up and running in a few days, and seamlessly transition you over to the digital age.

Gain Efficiency

Electronic workflows and artificial intelligence replace manual processes—eliminating work and minimizing human error.

Mitigate Security Risk

Encrypted account data with multi-factor authentication reduces payment fraud.

Increase Revenue

Virtual cards can earn cash back rewards, opening new revenue streams.

Reduce Check Fraud & Escheatment

Positive Pay and daily reconcilement reduces your risk of check fraud. Our software also tracks undeposited paper checks to avoid escheatment.

Cut Costs & Reallocate Resources

With Payment Automation you can eliminate the cost of not only bank fees, postage, check and ink stock, but reallocate resources to more strategic tasks.

Support Your Business and Your Vendors

Our dedicated team of payment specialists are always a phone call or email away. By using Paymerang, you are adding hundreds of AP specialists to your team.

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