Introducing Intelligent, Line-Item G/L Coding in SimplyAP for D365 Business Central

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually assigning general ledger (G/L) codes and the associated dollars for invoice? Say goodbye to this tedious task and welcome a new era of efficiency with SimplyAP’s latest enhancement: Intelligent, Automated Line-Item G/L Coding.

Our team is thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking feature, designed to revolutionize the way you manage invoices within Dynamics 365 Business Central. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, our intelligent coding systems extracts line-item details and leverages machine learning to automatically apply G/L codes, associated dollars and dimensions, freeing your team from repetitive manual tasks and ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your financial data.

Why intelligent coding?

With SimplyAP’s intelligent coding, you can:

1. Eliminate Errors: Manual coding is prone to costly mistakes. By automating the process, our AI-powered engine ensures rock-solid accuracy, providing you with reliable financial data.

2. Reclaim Your Time: Say goodbye to hours spent on manual coding. Our system streamlines your workflow, allowing your team to focus on value-added analysis and strategic initiatives.

What does intelligent coding do?

– Recall Previous G/L Codes and Dimensions: When coding an invoice, our system automatically applies previous G/L code(s) used for similar transactions by line-item. This eliminates the need for manual intervention at the line level.

– Automatic Allocation of Dollars to G/L Accounts: SimplyAP  captures and assigns dollar values from invoice line items to the GL accounts removing the risk of human error.

– Elimination of Vendor Templates: Forget about manually tracking spreadsheets for vendor G/Ls. Our system doesn’t require cumbersome templates, instead relying on its AI-powered engine to intelligently assign G/L codes and dimensions based on the line-item data extracted.

How does it work?

Here’s a Glimpse of SimplyAP’s Intelligent Line-item G/L coding:

– Automated Coding: Our AI engine analyzes invoices by line-item, identifying relevant keywords and phrases to assign the most accurate G/L codes and dollar value. This process ensures unmatched precision and eliminates the risk of manual errors.

– Streamlined Workflow: Bid farewell to manual coding! SimplyAP automates this repetitive task, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities.

– Clear Summaries: Gain a comprehensive overview of your financial data with automatic summarization by G/L account. Our system provides clear visibility into your financial health, enabling informed decision-making.

On the right is a messy and difficult to scan invoice and on the left is how SimplyAP intelligently and automatically codes each line-item to the G/L code and dimension.

Reclaim your time and boost accuracy with SimplyAP’s Intelligent G/L Coding:

– Goodbye Manual Coding: Let go of error-prone manual data entry and entrust your coding to our AI-powered engine.

– Minimize Errors: Our system minimizes coding mistakes, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your financial data.

– Empower Your Team: Free up your accounting team from repetitive tasks, empowering them to focus on strategic analysis and insights.

Are you ready to transform your invoice management? Get started with SimplyAP today and experience the future of invoice automation integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central in less than 2 hours. Plus, you may even try it before you buy it – no commitment required.

For more information about our Intelligent G/L Coding feature and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.

Tiffany Allen

Tiffany Allen

As a Channel Program Director at Paymerang, Tiffany is focused on the management and execution of partner programs. With more than 15 years in the Microsoft Dynamics scope, Tiffany channels her extensive marketing experience to generate new partnerships for Paymerang.