Receivable Automation

Receivable Automation

Simplify AR with Paymerang’s Receivables Automation

Paymerang’s Receivables Automation solution is enhanced to provide an easy-to-use platform to help you to streamline and automate a number of time-consuming receivables management tasks.

Simulated screenshot of the Paymerang Receivables Automation interface
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Payment acceptance flexibility

Accept payments flowing through our Invoice and Payments Automation solution, and have the flexibility to accept credit card or ACH payments through a secure hosted page. If you are interested in utilizing our merchant services, you can sign up here.

Flexibility in how you receive your remittance

We meet you where you are - you can choose how you would like to receive your payment remittance for electronic payments.

Improved tracking and follow up

Track the progress of your payments and invoices through submission, approval and delivery.

Speed up cash flow

Receive electronic payments directly in your bank account via credit card or ACH to get paid in half of the time.

Faster and More Accurate Reconciliation

Receive payments from Paymerang’s platform along with detailed remittance data, making reconciliation of payments to your accounts receivable system a breeze.

Key Benefits:

Achieve better operational performance and transform your AR process

Greater Efficiency

with automated remittance and reconciliation with an easy-to-use interface

Greater Speed

through fast and seamless implementation that takes less than 10 hours of your time to set up

Greater Security

through encrypted account data and multi-factor authentication

Greater Support

through a dedicated team of payment specialists

How It Works:

Invoices are Loaded

Your invoice is loaded directly via email by you if your customer is leveraging our Invoice Automation solution, or by the customer if they are loading invoices and payments directly to our Payments Automation solution.

We Remit

We use our proprietary technology to remit payments and remittance details to you electronically enabling you to streamline and automate your accounts receivable processes.

Payments are Funded

Clients can review their batch to make sure it’s correct, and fund all included payments with the touch of a button.

We Reconcile

We reconcile all virtual card, ACH and check payments. Any canceled or refunded payments are promptly refunded back to the client.

Support Options:

Are you already receiving payments from Paymerang?

To ensure our Support Team can reach you as quickly as possible, please call 877-680-7332, option 2, or email

If you are interested in merchant services, please contact If you have already signed up, and are having issues with your merchant account, please contact the appropriate support number noted below.

Merchant Support

This team assists merchants with banking changes, account updates, and statement questions.

Have the Merchant ID (MID) on hand before calling.

p: 877.828.0720

Hours: 24/7/365

Technical Support

This team assists with troubleshooting merchant processing transactional or Cardpointe issues.

Have the Merchant ID (MID) on hand before calling.

p: 877.828.0720. Please say “CardPointe Support” when prompted. Hours: Mon - Sun: 8:30am - 9:00pm ET

Systems Status Page

This page provides the current status of our payment platform.

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