“Paymerang saves you so much time. You will wonder why you didn’t implement it sooner.”

— Assistant Controller, Doane University

Focus on your students, vendors, and faculty while we automate Accounts Payable

Working remotely and having a solid business continuity plan is easier when you aren’t held back by antiquated processes. With Paymerang’s Payment Automation and Invoice Automation solutions, you can take time-consuming manual work out of your accounting department, serve your suppliers and students more efficiently, and open additional streams of revenue—from anywhere.

Moving to electronic AP automation is virtually seamless. Through a simple process change, we’re able to adapt our technology to work with your existing accounting systems and have you up and running in a few days. We take care of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Smart, right?

Refund Swiftly

Paymerang CARES allows you to disburse money electronically, with zero disruptions, using school-issued email addresses. Our program is FERPA and GLBA compliant and includes Parent Plus loans.

Cut Costs & Reallocate Resources

With Payment Automation you can eliminate the cost of not only bank fees, postage, check and ink stock, but reallocate resources to more strategic tasks.

Mitigate Security Risk

Encrypted account data with multi-factor authentication reduces payment fraud.

Increase Revenue

Virtual cards can earn cash back rewards, opening new revenue streams.

Reduce Check Fraud & Escheatment

Positive Pay and daily reconcilement reduces your risk of check fraud. Our software also tracks undeposited paper checks to avoid escheatment.

Gain Efficiency

Electronic workflows and artificial intelligence replace manual processes—eliminating work and minimizing human error.

Support Your Business and Your Vendors

Our dedicated team of Higher Education payment specialists are always a phone call or email away. By using Paymerang, you are adding hundreds of AP specialists to your team.

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