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Paymerang’s Accounts Payable and Invoice Automation platforms provide companies with the means to complete their audits quickly and confidently, largely eliminating the risk and inefficiencies associated with a manual process.
Paymerang announced a strategic alliance with ECI Software Solutions helping manufacturers become more efficient.
Healthcare providers modernize vendor payment processes using AI and machine learning
Paymerang is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to empower mid-market businesses to accelerate vendor payment and deliver world-class customer service. To support the rapid growth of the company, Paymerang uses five AWS products for its operations and client services.
With over 12 properties nationwide and $42 million in managed revenue, NorthPointe’s AP department was experiencing increased friction while scaling. They were being bogged down with arduous processes such as manually writing checks, following up on uncashed payments and inefficient reconcilement.  “In transforming our AP department, it allows us to focus more on guest experience, the…
Phishing emails are particularly popular over the holidays when everyone is looking for the best deal in a hurry. Learn four ways to protect yourself from phishing emails.
With 2022 just around the corner, more finance teams are adopting automation technology to increase efficiency, enhance security, and simplify workflows into one, easy-to-use platform. Learn about the benefits of Payment Automation and end-to-end AP Automation by reading this article from ReadWrite The pandemic of 2020 created an unprecedented push for companies to embrace automation software…
With over 40 locations, American Mortgage’s AP team was processing countless payments each year. Given the cumbersome job of issuing and mailing checks, and conducting all the follow-up and reconcilement work, they were seeking a fully outsourced model for their payments.  “The simplicity from an administrative perspective is next level. Our AP team has freed…
In the FinTech industry, less than 30% of the workforce consists of women, with less than 20% of them occupying executive positions. This week at Paymerang, we are championing the female leaders within our organization who have paved a path for others to follow.
Organizations have made payroll automation the standard, allowing more time for recruitment and talent development. Learn why automating AP is just as important as automating payroll.