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Healthcare procurement could be one of the leading verticals in B2B digital payments, yet the industry remains stagnant because of its dependence on antiquated processes.
Finance leaders must evaluate automated solutions to uncover how they redefine the function of their staff, otherwise, they risk deploying a fractional solution that stalls the organization. The combination of people and process automation is powering innovation in FinTech.
Manufacturers have used automation for decades to maximize efficiency while reducing labor and production costs. While the industry depends on cutting-edge technology for success, employees in the back-office still often rely on manual practices to do their jobs.
The Virginia General Assembly recognizes Paymerang's impact on Virginia. Paymerang is committed to cultivating high-performing teams in an environment of continuous learning where everyone can discover their strength, master new skills, and utilize different tools to overcome new challenges.
Kent School Creates New Avenues for Student Engagement by Automating Business Office Processes with Paymerang.
Paymerang is named a Top Workplace in Richmond in 2022 by the Richmond Times Dispatch. Paymerang is one of 21 organizations in the midsize category (125-399 employees). Of Paymerang's 200+ employees, 103 were hired last year, and 50 received promotions in 2021. The team currently operates under a hybrid model.
Labor shortages and rising wages have forced U.S. organizations to invest in financial automation services at a growing rate. Companies that use these services are expected to experience dramatic increases in operational performance levels.
Paymerang was recognized as one of the dominant players in the AP automation space, providing next-gen financial automation and payment solutions that use data capture technologies, artificial intelligence, and an electronic document workflow that is designed to improve operational efficiency.
Senior Executive Media recently featured an interview with Paymerang CEO, Nasser Chanda, on his lateral professional development philosophy. In the article, he discusses how Paymerang helps employees unlock opportunities within their departments and find new ways to innovate.
A massive labor shortage is gripping corporate America. Higher wages, fat signing bonuses, staff training and other enticements only go so far with job seekers and employees. The key to attracting and retaining top talent in the finance office is to digitally transform the Accounts Payable (AP) function into a more rewarding and strategic role, where staff have the automated, personalized tools that they need to be productive anywhere.