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Public Sector Payment Fraud: An Alarming 95% of Agencies at Risk
Payment fraud plagues the public sector, impacting an estimated 95% of agencies. Outdated tech and paper reliance are prime enablers of vulnerabilities, making taxpayer funds an easy target for fraudsters. Explore how Paymerang's automation fortifies defenses with stringent detection, reducing manual processes, and ditching paper checks. Dive deeper in our blog.
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Don't Wait, Automate. Driving Urgency for Finance Leaders to Implement AP Automation for Survival in 2024 and Beyond
In the ever-evolving realm of business, adaptability is the cornerstone of success for finance leaders.
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Protecting Healthcare Finances: Why AP Automation is Crucial in the Fight Against ACH and Check Fraud
In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, automation is the lifeline for healthcare organizations aiming to optimize operations. This blog explores the urgent need for Accounts Payable (AP) automation to combat the rising threat of ACH and check fraud in the healthcare industry. Discover how automation safeguards financial health and ensures the sector's sustainability in the face of evolving challenges, from fake invoices to check tampering.
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Ziegler CFO Hotline Survey names Paymerang the Top AP Automation Choice in Senior Living
Discover the game-changing insights from the 2023 Ziegler CFO Survey on Senior Living finance management. Explore why 40% of CFOs are now leveraging automation for more efficient, accurate, and controlled financial processes and how Paymerang emerged as not only a preferred choice but also a trusted partner for organizations looking to streamline and optimize their financial workflows.
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Turning Data into Gold: KPI Magic with Accounts Payable Automation
From optimizing costs to enhancing working capital management, AP automation is a strategic tool that CFOs can use to improve crucial KPIs. Harness the power of AP automation and be better equipped to guide your organization towards sustainable growth and financial excellence. Learn how AP automation can help you optimize your organizations costs, while improving KPIs.
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Streamlining Finance in Senior Living Communities: A Conversation with Paymerang and Juliette Fowler Communities
In the latest Parasol Alliance Raising Tech podcast episode, explore the realm of finance automation and its profound impact on senior living business offices. Listen to finance pros discuss the pivotal role that technology plays in streamlining processes and discover how Paymerang's solutions can emphasize communication during automation transition and build robust cybersecurity measures.
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A Guide to Payment Fraud Detection and Prevention
Payment fraud is a growing crisis for Accounts Payable (AP) departments nationwide. This quick guide explains the basics you should know about payment fraud, along with three tangible steps you can take to help your organization better mitigate the risk of payment fraud.
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Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Accounts Payable
AI is revolutionizing AP by automating tasks, enhancing accuracy, and decision-making. AI adoption in AP offers cost reductions, error mitigation, faster approvals, fraud detection, and predictive insights for improved AP efficiency.
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Paymerang Wins Bronze Stevie for Medium-Sized Financial Services Company of the Year
Paymerang, a leading financial automation platform, secures Bronze Stevie for Medium-Sized Financial Services Company at 2023 International Business Awards. Recognized for customer-centric solutions driving impact across various sectors.
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Paymerang Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America
Paymerang secures its place on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of rapidly growing US companies, marking four years on the list and climbing to rank 2,588 from 2,918. Fueled by a 210% three-year growth rate, up from last year's 186%, Paymerang's achievement is showcased in the September Inc. Magazine issue.
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