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While you are your organization’s first line of defense, it’s getting more difficult to fight fraud alone. Here are three ways AP Automation can help your organization mitigate the risk of fraud.
Are you ready to upgrade your Accounts Payable (AP) department this year? This guide will help you understand more about automating your Accounts Payable process and answer any questions you may have about shifting away from manual, paper-based processing.
Accounts Payable Automation can cure fatigue from overwhelming manual workloads and give AP staff more time to focus on students.
Thirteen years ago, Paymerang started with one goal: simplify Accounts Payable for businesses. Today, the company serves clients nationwide across various industries, including healthcare, education, public sector, manufacturing, senior living, and hospitality.
In a recent Payments Dive feature, Paymerang CEO Nasser Chanda explains how Accounts Payable Automation helps recession-proof your business.
Accounts Payable (AP) Automation can help aging services achieve resiliency during financial downturns and overcome severe staffing shortages.
Paymerang team members spent over 300 hours volunteering in the last half of the year and donated over $10,000 to local charities.
By leveraging Paymerang’s world-class Payment Automation software, this Top 100 Critical Access Hospital can focus more on providing exceptional care to patients in Wyoming.
Delayed vendor payments are troublesome for you and your suppliers. Paymerang’s streamlined Invoice and Payment Automation platform help your Accounts Payable team avoid late fees and benefit from early payment discounts.
Higher Education Accounts Payable (AP) departments who have not yet implemented AP automation run the risk of falling into these 3 major pitfalls in 2023.