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Finance Automation

AP Automation Platform Overview

Learn how to put the power of artificial intelligence and process automation to work for you with the Paymerang AP Automation Platform.


2021 Client Implementation Survey

Don’t think you have the time to implement Paymerang? Learn what our newest clients had to say about our seamless implementation process!


How Paymerang Simplifies Audits

Paymerang’s cloud-based platform securely manages costly and time-consuming audit processes so your team can focus more on mission-critical initiatives.


Payment Automation Platform Overview

Learn how our award-winning Payment Automation solution allows businesses to become more efficient through automation of the entire AP payment process.


How to Identify Vendor Impersonation Fraud

Download our guide to learn the tricks used by fraudsters to help your finance team identify vendor impersonators and mitigate the risk of payment fraud.


Invoice Automation Platform Overview

Learn how Invoice Automation empowers businesses with AI and machine learning technology to save time, improve accuracy, and enhance visibility.


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Learn how Paymerang moved hundreds of millions in annual AP spend from entirely paper checks to 92% electronic payments for a public water utility.
Learn why a private school chose Paymerang when looking for a comprehensive AP solution to eliminate cumbersome check writing, follow-up, and reconciliation.
Learn why after a number of check fraud attempts, a private high school implemented Paymerang to mitigate the risks of fraud for the school and its vendors.
Learn how Paymerang eliminated the burden of lost checks and check reconciliation, so the college could focus more resources on the school's educational mission.