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Learn how the hospital implemented a fully electronic AP solution, requiring only 20 hours of time from the finance team and zero IT resources.
Learn how a leading private school in transformed their business office with Paymerang by downloading our K-12 case study.
Learn why Positive Pay is one of the best tools to combat check fraud by downloading our one-pager.
Learn how an Architecture and Engineering firm was able to scale efficiently and effectively by implementing Paymerang's AP Automation Platform.
Learn how a hospitality management company was able to leave arduous AP processes in the past by moving to Paymerang's AP Automation Platform.
Learn how a large nonprofit was able to move to a paperless AP process and maintain business continuity while working remotely by implementing Paymerang.
Learn how Paymerang moved hundreds of millions in annual AP spend from entirely paper checks to 92% electronic payments for a public water utility.
Learn why a private school chose Paymerang when looking for a comprehensive AP solution to eliminate cumbersome check writing, follow-up, and reconciliation.
Learn why after a number of check fraud attempts, a private high school implemented Paymerang to mitigate the risks of fraud for the school and its vendors.
Learn how Paymerang eliminated the burden of lost checks and check reconciliation, so the college could focus more resources on the school's educational mission.