Payment Automation

Payment Automation

Save your team thousands of hours with AP Automation

Take more "manual" out of your day with Payment Automation. By utilizing efficient electronic workflows, you can eliminate check printing and envelope stuffing, while reducing vendor payment inquiries and tedious follow-up on unprocessed payments.

PApayment automation

A single, automated process to pay vendors through multiple methods

Less time and money spent by eliminating check printing, postage, envelopes, and chasing uncashed checks

Automatic reconcilement to ensure no outstanding payments or uncashed checks

Self-service reporting and detailed analytics for more transparent decision-making

Key Benefits:

Achieve better operational performance and transform your AP process

Greater Efficiency

with automated remittance and reconciliation with an easy-to-use interface

Greater Security

through encrypted account data and multi-factor authentication

Greater Speed

through fast and seamless implementation that takes less than 10 hours of your time to set up

Greater Support

through a dedicated team of payment specialists

How It Works:

You upload, you fund, we remit, we reconcile, we pay cash rewards

You Upload

We match or enroll all of your vendors in our database. When it’s time to pay them, all you have to do is upload your check file.

You Fund

You can review your batch to make sure it’s correct, and fund all your payments with the touch of a button.

We Remit

We use our proprietary technology to remit payments and remittance details to your vendors electronically.

We Reconcile

We reconcile your virtual card, ACH and check payments. Any canceled or refunded payments are promptly refunded back to you.

We Pay Cash Rewards

Every quarter, we issue an ACH credit to your account and provide a detailed statement showing rebates, transactions and dollars processed.

“The Paymerang team takes care of almost everything—the work is not on you. Once you make the switch, your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.”

— Chief Financial Officer, HCB Health

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Eliminate mountains of paper—and become a profit center.

36% of finance departments are fully digital, driving 70% in savings and efficiency every year. Paymerang can get you into the modern, paperless age in just 10 hours of your time. That makes everyone happy, including trees.