M3 Clients Can Bring the Power of Electronic Workflows and Automation to Accounts Payable with Paymerang

"The partnership between M3 and Paymerang will further streamline our clients’ financial processes and will go the extra mile to protect their data."

- Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, M3

Leverage automation to alleviate the headache of manually processing payments.

Paymerang’s integration with M3’s forward-thinking solutions is designed to reduce both the hours and materials required for M3’s typical accounts payable processes. By utilizing electronic payments, M3’s clients will save time, resources, and money.

PApayment automation

A single, automated process to pay vendors through multiple methods

Less time and money spent by eliminating check printing, postage, envelopes, and chasing uncashed checks

Automatic reconcilement to ensure no outstanding payments or uncashed checks

Self-service reporting and detailed analytics for more transparent decision-making

Key Benefits:

Achieve better operational performance and transform your AP process

Greater Efficiency

with automated remittance and reconciliation with an easy-to-use interface

Greater Security

through encrypted account data and multi-factor authentication

Greater Speed

through fast and seamless implementation that takes less than 10 hours of your time to set up

Greater Support

through a dedicated team of payment specialists