Streamlining Finance in Senior Living Communities: A Conversation with Paymerang and Juliette Fowler Communities

In the latest episode of Raising Tech, a Parasol Alliance podcast dedicated to technology in the Senior Living industry, host Patrick Leonard engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Scott Martinez, CFO of Juliette Fowler Communities, and John Zaudtke, VP of Sales at Paymerang. Together, they delve into how Juliette Fowler Communities has effectively implemented Paymerang’s financial automation solutions to optimize its operations. Throughout the conversation, the trio explores the realm of finance automation and its profound impact on Senior Living communities, shedding light on the pivotal role that technology plays in streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Transitioning to Automation

Scott and John discuss the challenges and benefits associated with the transition to automated finance processes. Scott emphasizes the significance of clear communication, particularly with long-standing employees accustomed to conventional methods. He also highlights the role of incremental steps in preparing an organization for a smooth automation transition. John, on the other hand, sheds light on Paymerang’s robust capabilities, enabling seamless workflow between your existing ERP and the Payment Automation solution.

The inefficiency of adhering to traditional processes for tasks such as managing paper invoices, ensuring precise documentation, check issuance, and invoice numbering becomes evident due to the time it consumes.

According to Scott Martinez, “For a business like ours, partnerships and products like Paymerang that help automate certain functions for the business office become crucial in facilitating our scalability.”

The organization’s ethos aligns with a data-centric approach, rooted in the financial-minded perspective of its CFO. The inclination towards key performance indicators (KPIs) and meticulous analysis of process durations reflect a commitment to continuous improvement. This approach is interwoven with a profound appreciation for technology, driven by the aspiration for greater efficiency and effectiveness in all operation endeavors.

Navigating Cybersecurity and Fraud Concerns

With the rising specter of cybersecurity threats and fraud, the conversation takes a detour into the realm of protection. John explains Paymerang’s commitment to security, utilizing multifactor authentication and comprehensive fraud prevention measures. He also alerts listeners to the susceptibility of construction projects to fraudulent activities and offers valuable insights into safeguarding such threats.

The Future of Finance Automation

Looking to the future, the guests envision the evolution of finance automation. Scott predicts further growth in automation, with a particular focus on receivables automation and enhanced vendor collaboration. The podcast concludes with a shared appreciation for the partnership between Paymerang and Juliette Fowler Communities, a compelling example of how finance automation can significantly impact Senior Living communities.

Saman Aghaebrahim

Saman Aghaebrahim

Saman oversees Paymerang's nonprofit senior living vertical working closely with LeadingAge members. He has a background in public sector finance and enjoys helping organizations leverage technology to transform their business practices. He graduated from Old Dominion University. For his professional accomplishments and work in the community, he was named to the Old Dominion University Alumni Association 40 under 40 inaugural class.