Setting up AP Routing for Multiple ERP Companies in SimplyAP

SimplyAP integrates with an instance of an ERP. Within that instance, multiple companies can exist. Some organizations may have the same accounting team process invoices for multiple companies, or have separate accounting teams for each company.  

SimplyAP supports routing invoices to accounting teams in both of these scenarios. This functionality applies to the accounting team who will be claiming, coding, and choosing the approvers for the invoices. Approver routing is configured seperately and is not part of this feature.

In our ERP we could have the following companies:

  • CRONUS USA, Inc.
  • My Company

To configure in SimplyAP

Activate the Companies

Make sure the companies to be used in SimplyAP are activated. Note that when activating the second and subsequent companies a message will display noting that the company must be assigned to a group. This process is covered below.

Configure Groups

To have invoices routed to separate accounting team groups per company, create a new group for each company. If one accounting team will be processing invoices for all companies, the default ‘AP Team’ group can be used. Make sure the accounting team members are in the appropriate groups for the companies they will be working. Users may be in more than one group.

Associate Companies to Groups

Once the second and subsequent companies have been activated, they must be associated to a group in SimplyAP. Associate each company with the group containing the AP Team users who will be processing the invoices for that company.

The ‘Unassigned’ Group

When multiple companies are configured in SimplyAP, there may be cases where an invoice cannot be matched to any of the configured companies. In this case the invoice will be assigned to the ‘Unassigned’ group. Ensure that there is at least one member in this group who can process these invoices into the right company.

Once this configuration is complete, new invoices will route to the group based on the company associated to the group.

Tiffany Allen

Tiffany Allen

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