Paymerang Receives Technology Innovation Award from Hospitality Upgrade for its Payment Automation Platform

Paymerang, a leading financial automation provider, has been honored with the prestigious Technology Innovation award by Hospitality Upgrade, a renowned industry news magazine. The accolade was presented to Paymerang in the magazine’s Summer issue, recognizing the company’s outstanding contribution in the hospitality sector.

“We’re proud to receive this recognition from Hospitality Upgrade,” said Paymerang CEO, Nasser Chanda. “The hospitality industry is a key pillar in the American economy and we’re honored to bring payment innovation and security to hoteliers around the country.”

With a growing number of hotel management companies recognizing the transformative power of Paymerang’s Accounts Payable (AP) Automation, it comes as no surprise that four of the top ten domestic U.S. management firms have already adopted the platform. The success of Paymerang’s world-class solution underscores its position as a preferred choice in the industry.

In the wake of the pandemic, hoteliers are increasingly turning to automation as a critical tool to rebuild, navigate economic uncertainties, and secure future success. By streamlining repetitive and time-consuming tasks, hotel management companies have significantly reduced operating expenses, benefited from lower labor costs, enhanced staff retention, and experienced increased revenue for their managed properties.

Traditionally, AP processes have been labor-intensive, involving manual tasks such as cutting physical checks, addressing vendor payment inquiries, and tracking unprocessed payments. Such cumbersome processes divert teams from focusing on guest-facing initiatives.

Paymerang’s Payment Automation offers a paperless solution that not only reduces costs and enhances efficiency, but also improves security and minimizes reconciliation time. With Paymerang, accounting teams can shift their focus towards more analytical initiatives, enabling them to run their business in a more strategic and profitable way.

Hospitality Upgrade’s Summer issue has acknowledged Paymerang’s impact on the hospitality sector as it modernizes its financial and risk management practices. Paymerang remains dedicated to providing innovative financial solutions to hospitality companies, helping them thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

To learn more about Paymerang’s Payment Automation for hospitality groups, schedule a demo here.

Zach Dove

Zach Dove

Zach Dove is a dedicated Enterprise Account Executive specializing in the Hospitality industry. With almost a decade of experience in the SaaS sector, he has consistently assisted organizations in achieving cost savings and operational efficiency. A University of Virginia alumnus, Zach holds a degree in American Government and Politics. Beyond his professional pursuits, he cherishes moments with his fiance and dog, and indulges in outdoor activities like golf, fishing, and canoeing.