Paymerang Hosts Office Olympics

At Paymerang, we believe in hard work, determination and positively impacting each other. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t all enjoy some friendly competition every now and then.  In honor of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, we hosted our very own! 

“Paymerang’s culture has many strengths and teamwork is one that truly stands out. Knowing this, we thought it’d be fun to turn that strength into a friendly internal competition. Inspired by the summer Olympics, we held a weeklong event to see which team could capture the coveted title of Office Olympics Champion. From paper football to chair relay tournaments, there was an electrifying atmosphere and laughter throughout the office all week. As the final event approached, the spirit of competition was palpable and there was nothing trivial about this round of virtual trivia! Our Finance team took the gold medal this year, Sales and Operations tied for silver, and Product/IT took bronze. The team spirit and energy everyone brought to the table was unmatched!” said Gloria Garber, Director of Human Resources. 

Monday morning we rolled into the Opening Ceremonies with an office chair relay race. This event had contestants and onlookers alike on the edge of their seats. Each team could barely contain their excitement as ping pong balls plopped precariously and plastic wheels crunched across the carpet. Although the Marketing Team tested out the balance and torque of their chairs, the Finance Team prevailed. 

“The office Olympics was an awesome way to have some friendly competition between departments, and to work together with your team. It was a fun way to meet newer employees, and gave us lots to laugh about. I can’t wait to defend the title with finance next Olympics!” said James Fleetwood, Accounting Assistant. 

Day 2 kicked off with a highly anticipated paper football challenge. The Sales Team was feeling confident as they’ve held onto the title as Paymerang paper football champions since the last Super Bowl LV.  As fingers flicked and footballs flew, their grit and determination kept sales above the fold as they took home the W!

“The office Olympics was my favorite engagement event to date! It was a blast being able to strategize and participate in activities as a team. The office was buzzing all week with encouragement, competition, and laughter. The positive energy and teamwork from all departments was great to see!” said Nicole Allen, Invoice Automation Product Owner.

Day 3’s event was a tilt-a-cup challenge where the Operations team exhibited relentless perseverance, gained the cupper hand, and won the gold! 

“The Paymerang office Summer Olympics stirred my esprit de corps. We fostered healthy competition and a spirit of friendship between teams competing for the ultimate glory. Every team involved showed the effort, the struggle, refusing to give up…..even when the slinky wouldn’t land properly on your forehead. Win lose, or draw…..everyone loves a slinky” said Chris Carlton, Vice President of Business Development. 

Day 4 of the office Olympics had everyone banding together as a team for the “pink elephant” competition. Click here to see this hilarious game. The Sales team slunk away with the gold, sporting a score of  0.00.68 seconds— once you try this at home, you’ll understand why that score is so impressive!

“I had a terrific experience joining together with new and familiar faces alike for a week of fun competitions! After a year of only seeing my teammates in Zoom tiles, it was incredibly fulfilling to cheer, laugh, and collaborate as we competed to take home the Gold!” said Anthony Burkett, Digital Marketing Manager.

The 2021 Paymerang Office Olympics concluded with an intense trivia competition using Kahoot! so employees could participate both in the office and remotely. Including questions about history, literature, science and music—the Operations team left no question as they captured the gold! 

“During the pandemic, we’ve hired 96 of our 178 current employees. A lot of them only know zoom faces, so as we’ve been able to be back in the office together, we wanted to create an event for some friendly inter-team competition to help our employees get to know each other better. It was a great way to have our new and seasoned team members share in continuing to build the great culture we have at Paymerang and exemplify our values of Passion and Positivity and Teamwork.” said Michael Lafon, Human Resources Generalist. 

The MVP of the Paymerang 2021 Summer Olympics was Office Manager, Kari Wright who organized this week of fun for everyone both working in the office and remotely. 

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Paymerang Olympic Games!

Sam Denny

Sam Denny