Paymerang Helps Memorial Hospital of Converse County Build a More Robust Accounts Payable Process

For hospitals, saving lives and providing exceptional patient care are the top priorities. Memorial Hospital of Converse County (MHCC), a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital, leveraged Paymerang’s world-class Payment Automation to overcome severe staffing shortages and optimize its Accounts Payable (AP) department.

Using Paymerang empowers the health system to support its mission of delivering excellent care with compassion, allowing them to serve patients throughout the city of Douglas, Wyoming, and beyond. 

Before implementing Paymerang, Memorial Hospital’s AP process was fully manual, making it paper and labor intensive. Each week, the department printed and signed upwards of 700 checks, which were a headache to keep track of and document while also ensuring vendors were paid on time. Staff also often spent hours a day on the phone with vendors tracking down payment statuses and following up on problem payments as needed.

Paymerang’s intuitive Payment Automation platform seamlessly works with MEDITECH, the MHCC’s accounting system, to eliminate overwhelming manual tasks like cutting and stuffing checks. Removing manual obligations resulted in cost savings, greater operational efficiency, and hundreds of hours saved, or the half or full-time equivalent of one employee. MHCC staff also have time to focus on other strategic initiatives now that payment reconciliation and follow-up are handled by Paymerang’s technology and world-class staff.

“What stuck out to me about Paymerang was the ease of use,” said Jim Cussins, Chief Financial Officer of MHCC. “Our finance team was able to stay afloat and stay on top of our payments while losing more than 50% of our staff.”  

With manual processes eliminated, one person now runs MHCC’s entire AP process in less than a day. After payments are sent, employees can check a payment’s status within the Paymerang platform, which is an on-demand report available to all Paymerang Payment Automation users. This process has also improved the health system’s relationships with its vendors. Payment Automation has also provided MHCC with enhanced security by switching to an electronic platform with a team of Security Experts and AI-driven technology to ensure those payments are not intercepted by fraudsters. Additionally, the CFO can quickly make strategic decisions with access to on-demand data and analytics available within the reporting dashboard.

Lastly, staff can now spend more time answering clinical leaders’ questions and equip them with the resources they need to provide exceptional patient care through services, including neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and spinal surgery.

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Colleen Crist

Colleen Crist

Colleen leads our national portfolio of channel partners and owns new business development and channel strategies. She is focusing on accelerating partner growth and expanding our footprint nationwide by developing new partnership initiatives. Her strategy and execution expertise spans all aspects of business development, product development, launch, marketing, sales and partner development. She leads our partnership team that drives end-to-end execution of corporate partner programs and is responsible for identifying, forging, scaling and sustaining our partnership strategy. Colleen is currently earning her Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business.