Paymerang Announces Partnership with Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider ThriveSaasWorx

Paymerang is delighted to announce its recent strategic partnership with ThriveSaasWorx, an Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, that helps customers take advantage of a powerful cloud ERP platform to gain visibility and control needed to unlock growth.

ThriveSaasWorx is part of the Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider Program. Through this program, ThriveSaaSWorx leverages its extensive experience to promote, implement, and tailor NetSuite to clients in senior living and related aging and health services. The partnership offers Paymerang’s best-in-class Invoice and Payment Automation solutions to nearly 27,000+ customers, meeting the growing demand for cloud-based ERPs.

ThriveSaasWorx clients gain a proven, global ERP solution backed by a team of experts who have been bringing IT solutions to the senior living industry and related aging services for more than 20 years. From MSP services, software solutions, IT strategy and infrastructure development, ThriveSaasWorx brings wide-ranging expertise with a focused understanding of the challenges unique to senior living providers.

“We’re changing the future of the senior living industry,” said Nick Patel, President of ThriveSaasWorx and ThriveWell Tech. “By offering finance automation services to users, we can help communities grow and enable them to focus more on the communities and residents they serve.”

Paymerang provides finance automation for the modern enterprise and eliminates the drudgeries impacting finance offices today. Nearly 84% of the typical AP practitioner’s day is wasted on manual, repetitive tasks1, like keying invoice data, pushing paper, fixing typos and other mistakes, chasing down information, and responding to calls and emails from suppliers and stakeholders about the status of invoices and payments. By implementing Paymerang’s solutions, senior living AP departments eliminate tedious manual tasks and save thousands of hours each year; while enhancing visibility, increasing accuracy, improving efficiency, and earning rebates while reducing paper, fraud risks, and operating costs.

Senior living communities are struggling to find and retain staff, which can affect financial performance and make it harder to prioritize resident care. Paymerang’s solutions support staff to become more efficient and focus more on providing a world-class experience for community members with no additional resources needed. Users save an estimated 80% of time on payment and invoice processing while processing five times as many invoices and payments compared to manual processing.

Additionally, finance automation enables senior living professionals to focus on strategic initiatives like improving P/L, investing more time in employees, and improving employee benefits. Most importantly, providers can do more activities to improve residents’ health and quality of life.

“We are excited to add ThriveSaasWorx to our growing list of strategic partnerships,” said Nasser Chanda, Paymerang CEO. “By making senior living finance departments more efficient and secure, communities can better focus on mission-critical tasks and what’s most important to them.”

Paymerang works seamlessly with Oracle Netsuite and can quickly get clients up and running on its platform. Schedule a demo now to learn more about how Paymerang can help you transform your senior living AP office.


1Institution of Finance Management (IOFM)

About ThriveSaasWorx

ThriveSaaSWorx was established in 2022 and is an affiliate of Asbury Communities, Inc., a national leader in not-for-profit senior living and diversified aging services. ThriveSaaSWorx joins ThriveWell Tech, Asbury’s first IT-focused company, which provides MSP services, IT strategy, and digital transformation services for senior living and related health providers. Visit for more information.

Colleen Crist

Colleen Crist

Colleen leads our national portfolio of channel partners and owns new business development and channel strategies. She is focusing on accelerating partner growth and expanding our footprint nationwide by developing new partnership initiatives. Her strategy and execution expertise spans all aspects of business development, product development, launch, marketing, sales and partner development. She leads our partnership team that drives end-to-end execution of corporate partner programs and is responsible for identifying, forging, scaling and sustaining our partnership strategy. Colleen is currently earning her Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business.