Payment Automation-Bring Accounts Payable into the Modern Age

Finance departments are being asked to do more with less. Consequently they need services that are simple, secure, efficient, and effortless. 

Labor-intensive manual processes and outdated technology are challenges faced by many organizations across the country. By switching to a Payment Automation solution, you can reduce the number of steps to process your payables and reallocate resources where they’re most needed. 

“With Paymerang’s Payment Automation solution, the first word that comes to mind is simplicity. Once you create the batch, you upload, fund, and you’re done. Our solution handles it all—enrolling your vendors, processing payments and even reconcilement” said Franklin Markley, Payment Automation Product Owner at Paymerang.

Making the switch is virtually seamless. Through a simple process change, Paymerang is able to adapt our technology to work with your existing accounting systems and have you up and running in under 30 days.

Electronic workflows and artificial intelligence replace manual processes—eliminating hundreds of hours of labor and minimizing human error, therefore increasing operational efficiency. Encrypting account data with multi-factor authentication reduces payment fraud. Paymerang’s Payment Automation platform lets you move time and financial resources away from stamps, checks and envelopes into more vital parts of your organization.

“A Payment Automation program is meant to be simple. Instead of a burdensome check run and all the work associated with it, businesses are able to focus on their mission” said Nasser Chanda, CEO at Paymerang.