Reduce Time Spent on Audits with Paymerang

Audits are time consuming and tedious; however, once you start processing with Paymerang, not only do your payments become simpler, but so does your audit process. Our transformative payment automation solution simplifies your NACHA, SOC2, PCI-DSS, and Positive Pay processes by undergoing these strict audits and industry best practices so you don’t have to. The NACHA … Read More

Remote Working, Without the Fraud Risk

Fraudsters know a good opportunity when they see one—and the recent, mass shift to remote working was an opportunity too good for them to pass up.  The Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Internal Revenue Service, and Interpol warn that phishing schemes and Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) attacks increased since the onset of the pandemic. This … Read More

How Paymerang Supports Partners

In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses are continually striving to stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative products and solutions. It is imperative for these organizations to look for new opportunities to drive collaborative innovation that delivers on what their clients need today—and in the future. Partnerships between businesses can harness the strengths and capabilities … Read More

5 Tips for Successfully Implementing Kanban

Kanban provides great benefits to software development by helping teams visualize and continuously improve their workflow. Implementing a successful Kanban system will increase productivity, because it allows teams to quickly identify impediments in the process and build in efficiencies that will greatly improve the teams output and collaboration. Kanban uses a pull-system that allows for … Read More

Securing Your Business Payments

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping clients become more secure and efficient, Paymerang is introducing a learning series highlighting best practices in the world of AP and finance.   For our first installment we are sharing a few tools and exercises leveraged internally at Paymerang to mitigate risk.     According to the 2020 … Read More

The Paymerang Difference: World-Class Customer Support

Our Support Team is the backbone of our operations and critical to our customer experience. Our team helps customers simplify complex problems and make business payments easy. By providing a simple and positive experience, our support staff is able to bring knowledge and understanding to customers so they can get quick resolutions. A recent Walker … Read More

8 Best Practices for Mitigating the Risk of Payments Fraud

If it feels like your accounts payable department is under siege by fraudsters, you are not alone. Payments fraud is at an all-time high. Worse, it’s not just your checks that are at risk.  Fraudsters are using new tools and sophisticated schemes to infiltrate electronic payments to suppliers.  The good news is that eight best … Read More

Taking Operations to the Next Level

The core to any successful operation is having strong people, process, and technology; however, the magic of taking an operation to the next level happens when these three are in continuous discovery and improvement. People: Your greatest asset and investment Motivated, happy people are the key to the success of your operation. Invest early and … Read More

5 Ways Electronic Payments Improve the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

If your healthcare organization’s knees are buckling from the pressure of managing shrinking reimbursement rates, skyrocketing costs, and growing cyber security threats, you are not alone.  Hospital and health system CFOs and revenue cycle leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to develop strategies to improve the financial health of their organizations—and his won’t change in 2020. … Read More

Public Schools Benefit from Electronic Payments

Technology is drastically changing how we do business. Public schools need services that are simple, efficient, and effortless. In this fast-paced, high-tech economic landscape, the pressure is on for public officials to do more with less.  Electronic payments enable schools to pay vendors more efficiently and securely. By adopting an automated ePayables solution, schools can … Read More