The Paymerang Difference: World-Class Customer Support

Our Support Team is the backbone of our operations and critical to our customer experience. Our team helps customers simplify complex problems and make business payments easy. By providing a simple and positive experience, our support staff is able to bring knowledge and understanding to customers so they can get quick resolutions.

A recent Walker Study found that by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Meeting customer expectations in the new decade means shifting from customer focused to customer committed.

So, what makes our Support team world-class? Here’s a more in depth look at how our Support team works and operates.

What does it mean to be a Support Team? (aka Customer Service/Escalations)

The definition of support is “a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright”.

When you apply this definition to customer service and how we support our customers, it means that we are there to help carry the weight with or for our customers when they have questions or concerns.  We are there to help identify issues or provide feedback that keeps everything upright. 

What type of team does it take to support our customers?

It takes team members that have a balance of three qualities:

  1. Compassion
  2. Determination
  3. Resourcefulness

Each one of these qualities in tandem with understanding the business driver is the key to delivering outstanding support in times of need for our customers.


Putting yourself in the customer’s position and identifying where they require help, or where something didn’t go as planned. Responding to questions as quickly as possible to let customers know we are there for them and we are going to work through this together.


A drive to find the answer to the problem.  Many times, when working on support/customer service/escalations cases, the team member must put on their detective hat and follow each clue to find the answer for what happened in that case.  They need to look at why something usually works but this time it didn’t.  There is a strong need for ownership to see the case through to the end.


Finding a way to get the issue solved or problem fixed for the customer.  Not everyone can have all the answers all the time, but it is expected that team members will do the research needed to find someone who does know the answer and will help them solve the case.

Those three qualities bear the weight the issue with the customer.

You may be asking yourself where do I find these compassionate, determined, and resourceful people? 

They are in your organization now.  Look for the people who love to investigate issues.  They may be the people that take longer working through the normal workflow because they want to find out why.  Look for the people that ask why and say, “this is a bad customer experience if we don’t fix this issue”. 

Sometimes you are thinking, “uh oh here comes a question I can’t answer or here is another problem I can’t fix” but flip it on its head and think,  “wow, this person has the determination to understand how we can make things better for our customers.”   Those are the people that you want to help your customers solve issues or answers questions. They will also let you know when something is not working as it should for the business to be successful.

What can your Support team do for your business?

Quite often, businesses do not see that their support teams can provide valuable insights into where the breaks are in their processes.  It is valuable to create feedback channels for support teams leading into the various business units in a company.  Creating a feedback channel into those business units can save on costs and reduce waste.  Using this feedback can drive small changes over time instead of discovering deep rooted issues that create large projects because they were not raised as issues until they got to critical mass.  With many customers using social media as a feedback tool, it is important to get in front of an issue by leveraging your own customer service teams to tell what is not working as it should. 

It is continual balance, like when you balance a baseball bat on the palm of your hand.  Sight movements keeps the bat in place but if you wait until the bat is more than a 45-degree angle it takes a huge effort to get the bat back in place.

Listening to the feedback from the Support Team helps keep the business upright.

Now, you may ask yourself, how do I gather all this feedback that I am going to get from my customer service teams? 

Review the communication tools you have in your business and think about how you can use what you currently have in place.  Maybe you can leverage a group chat for your customer service team to share issues they are finding.  You may have a ticketing application that your team can use to open tickets for ideas or issues.  You can also leverage managers in the customer service space to collect feedback and send via email or a communication app. 

The key is to get the information and put a plan in place, organize it, and even rate on a scale of importance.  Then start thinking about how to fix issues that will drive the best results for the customer and the business.  There are many tools and methodologies on how to prioritize issues, but the main thing is to PRIORITIZE them then FIX them. 

Businesses are only as good as their foundation, and your support/customer service team helps bear the weight of customer concerns and questions as well as helping the business stay upright. 

Lynette Rock

Lynette Rock

Lynette leads the Learning and Development, Support, and Follow Up teams at Paymerang. She has over 22 years of corporate training, leadership, and operations experience. Her experience from Capital One and her work in the fine arts world, drive her creative approach to provide exceptional training programs that deliver for our organization and our customers. She is skilled at analyzing business processes as part of learning and development. Her passion for learning technologies provides a focused, hands-on learning experience that prepares our team to deliver world-class customer care and experiences.