How do I set approval limits for a user?

A SimplyAP administrator may navigate to the SimplyAP Administration Portal to configure approval limits for each user. 

Approval Amount Limits & Definitions

Same amount for all invoices – Will use the value entered into the PO Invoice field for both Purchase order invoices and Non Purchase order invoices. 

PO Invoices – Total amount of a single invoice this user is authorized to process Purchase Order invoices. 

Non-PO Invoices – Total amount of a single invoice this user is authorized to process for Non Purchase order invoices. This is greyed out if the checkbox – Same amount for all invoices is checked. 

Unlimited approver – This is assigned to a user with an unlimted approval limits. SimplyAP requires one user to have this turned on. This user needs to approve invoices that exceed approver limits.

Approve to – Specifies the user required to approve invoices that exceed the user approval limit. 

Note: The user requires a higher approval limit than the user limits being configured. SimplyAP will not allow you to configure this user if that user is not configured with the higher approval limits.  

We recommend you start configuring users with the highest approval limits such as the unlimited user.


  • CFO – Unlimted Approval limits
  • Director of finance – Invoices are sent to CFO if the amount exceeds 10,000
    • Approval limit: 10,000
    • Approves to: CFO
  • Dept Manager 1 -Invoices are sent to Director of Finance if the amount exceeds 5,000
    • Approval limit: 5,000
    • Approves to: Director of Finance 
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Tiffany Allen

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