How do I create and manage users?

The authentication of the user is managed by Microsoft Azure. SimplyAP stores only the “UserID” and does not store any user credentials. The user will need to be granted access to the SimplyAP Azure application to access to SimplyAP.  

A SimplyAP administrator may navigate to SimplyAP Administration for user management. 

Clicking on the import icon will import the “UserID” from Azure Active Directory. 

Import User Button

Note: To refresh the list of users, click on another section like companies and then click on users. 

Admin Portal for Importing Users

Tiffany Allen

Tiffany Allen

As a Channel Program Director at Paymerang, Tiffany is focused on the management and execution of partner programs. With more than 15 years in the Microsoft Dynamics scope, Tiffany channels her extensive marketing experience to generate new partnerships for Paymerang.