Receivable Automation for Paymerang Clients

Receivable Automation

Simplify AR with Paymerang’s Receivables Automation

Paymerang’s Receivables Automation solution is enhanced to provide an easy-to-use platform to help you to streamline and automate a number of time-consuming receivables management tasks.

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Choose how you would like to receive your payment remittance for electronic payments.

Track the progress of your payments and invoices through submission, approval and delivery.

Receive electronic payments directly in your bank account via credit card or ACH to get paid in half of the time.

Receive payments from Paymerang’s platform along with detailed remittance data, making reconciliation of payments to your accounts receivable system a breeze.

Key Benefits:

Achieve better operational performance and transform your AR process

Greater Efficiency

with automated remittance and reconciliation with an easy-to-use interface

Greater Speed

through fast and seamless implementation that takes less than 10 hours of your time to set up

Greater Security

through encrypted account data and multi-factor authentication

Greater Support

through a dedicated team of payment specialists

Add Receivables Automation to your Paymerang Suite