Are You RansomWary Enough? – Paymerang Client Webinar

Presentation Title: Are You RansomWary Enough?

Date: Tuesday, November 9th, 2021, 2pm (EST)

Presenters: Gordon Glover, Security Operations Engineer, Jeff Gainer, Director of Information Security and Risk Management


The first step to understanding ransomware is assuming that your organization will be victimized—it’s just a matter of when. This webinar will help you develop proactive and defensive tactics to best protect yourself from cyber threats.

Ransomware incidents have reached epidemic proportions with 90% of attacks occurring through email. Education and training among organizations is the best defense. From loss of data, to employee turnover, ransomware poses a very real threat to today’s businesses, and as such, a sophisticated understanding is needed to protect and secure your organization.

 Learning Objectives:  

  • What is ransomware and how does it affect my organization on a daily basis?
  • Training tactics to educate your team on defense mechanisms and best practices
  • Paymerang provides advanced protection for your payments

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