Paymerang Empowers Blackbaud Users to Better Fulfill Their Mission

"There's never been an easier way to integrate automation, AI, and machine learning into your payables process. The seamless integration between Blackbaud and Paymerang lets users get up and running in just a few steps. We're proud to empower finance teams nationwide by offering a solution that puts time back in their day."

- Program Manager, Blackbaud Global Partner Development

Your mission is to change the world. We can make that a little easier.

For Blackbaud users, every dollar counts. And when those dollars are spent on unnecessary operational expenses, it means less money for your mission.

Paymerang provides a streamlined invoice and payment automation platform that brings Accounts Payable (AP) departments into the modern age. Paymerang's platform saves AP departments thousands of hours annually, enhances visibility, increases accuracy, improves efficiency, and earns rebates while reducing paper, fraud risks, and operating costs.

IA invoice automation

Intelligent Data Capture to reduce processing time and errors

Electronic Document Workflow to enhance visibility and speed up approvals

Automated G/L Posting to improve accuracy and efficiency

Electronic Audit Trail and Document Archiving to augment transparency

PApayment automation

A single, automated process to pay vendors through multiple methods

Less time and money spent by eliminating check printing, postage, envelopes, and chasing uncashed checks

Automatic reconcilement to ensure no outstanding payments or uncashed checks

Self-service reporting and detailed analytics for more transparent decision-making

Increased Efficiency

Electronic workflows and artificial intelligence replace manual processes—eliminating work and minimizing human error.

Greater Visibility

Electronic workflows give you instant access to all invoices and approval statuses.

Better Accuracy

Reduce errors with automated invoice capture and posting.

Improved Timeliness

Receive automatic reminders for invoices still awaiting approval

Mitigate Security Risk

Encrypted account data with multi-factor authentication reduces payment fraud.

Support Your Business and Your Vendors

Our dedicated team is always a phone call or email away. By using Paymerang, you are adding hundreds of AP specialists to your team.