Paymerang to moderate CFO Leadership Council event

CEO, Nasser Chanda of Paymerang will moderate an upcoming seminar on The Risks, Rewards and ROI of Technology.

The world of business operations technology is continuing to advance with an increasing number of providers. It can be difficult to determine the best time and specific solutions to invest in. CFOs increasingly need to have visibility across the various organizational functions so that resources are properly allocated to drive the business. Making the right investments in new technologies can fuel growth, keep/develop a competitive edge, or keep business processes prepared when companies have to change or adapt.

“We are so pleased to have Nasser moderate this discussion on “The Risks, Rewards and ROI of Technology” at our morning event in Tysons Corner on Tuesday (January 30th). Nasser’s background and knowledge complement the rest of the panelists beautifully and we know it will be a conversation of great value for our members” said Angela Tise, Northeast Regional Director and National Membership Chair of The CFO Leadership Council.

“I am excited to be part of this timely event with the CFO Leadership Council,” said Nasser, “CFOs today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver ROI on their technology projects while helping their companies navigate risk. It’s a daunting task and we hope to share best practices to help them succeed.”

The panel will discuss the types of technology solutions CFOs tend to see and how they have started to impact multiple departments within their organizations, some tips on how to assess investment ROI and spend levels, and stories about integrating new technologies. Lastly, with all the risks associated with technology we will cover ways companies can mitigate against the changing risk profiles that come with it.

Details about the event can be found here.

Colleen Crist

Colleen Crist

Colleen leads our national portfolio of channel partners and owns new business development and channel strategies. She is focusing on accelerating partner growth and expanding our footprint nationwide by developing new partnership initiatives. Her strategy and execution expertise spans all aspects of business development, product development, launch, marketing, sales and partner development. She leads our partnership team that drives end-to-end execution of corporate partner programs and is responsible for identifying, forging, scaling and sustaining our partnership strategy. Colleen is currently earning her Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business.