Richmond Nephrology Gains Efficiency with Payment Automation

The kidney specialists at Richmond Nephrology Associates have been providing patients with quality care for over 30 years. Their providers are patient counselors combining the scientific knowledge of kidney conditions with listening to patients’ need and concerns. 

They treat for issues such as acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease management, dialysis, kidney stones management, hypertension management, kidney transplants, lupus nephritis, and polycystic kidney disease.

By streamlining their business practices, Richmond Nephrology has been able to reduce both the number of hours and materials required to process payments, saving time, resources, and money. When asked how they have been able to reallocate resources since implementing Payment Automation three years ago, Katie Nunn, Practice Manager of Richmond Nephrology Associates, replied “Now that we have more time, we can focus on things that are more productive for the practice and look for ways that we can be more efficient and produce more revenue instead of trying to keep up with the day to day paying of bills.” 

Paymerang’s Payment Automation solution provided the practice with a completely paperless payment process while reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency, improving security, and reducing reconciliation time. 

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Kenan Korfez

Kenan Korfez

Kenan Korfez is an Account Executive for Paymerang and works to expand Paymerang’s reach in K-12 schools and Physician Offices. Paymerang works with over 350 schools across the country, and saves its clients thousands of hours that can be used on more strategic financial initiatives, mitigates the risk of payment fraud, enhances visibility within the AP department, as well as lowering the costs associated with AP. Prior to his role at Paymerang, Kenan worked at Bon Secours Washington Football Team Training Center as a Rehab Technician in the physical therapy department. Outside of work Kenan enjoys boxing and playing soccer.