Paymerang’s Partnership with The Coalition for College Cost Savings

Paymerang’s  partnership with The Coalition for College Cost Savings (CCCS) provides private colleges nationwide a quick way to pay electronically without the addition of significant resources, compliance requirements,  fraud detection, costs or credit limits that come from using traditional bank programs. 

“Paymerang is helping to reduce costs and streamline processes to help CCCS member schools reduce the overall cost of higher education.”-Lyen Crews, President of The Coalition for College Cost Savings

Payment and Invoice Automation solutions allow colleges to take time-consuming manual work out of their accounting department, serve their suppliers and students more efficiently, and open additional streams of revenue. 

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About The Coalition for College Cost Savings

The Coalition’s mission is to support state-level higher education member organizations by creating collaborative opportunities for their member colleges and universities to transform processes, reduce cost, and increase efficiencies. Their goal is to leverage the collective buying power of private colleges to reduce operating costs, streamline operations and ultimately lower the cost of delivering education.

Brian Cook

Brian Cook

As Vice President at Paymerang, Brian Cook brings over 19 years of experience working with various educational procurement and consortia programs designed to lower the cost of delivering high quality education, provide efficiency gain, and protect institutions against the proliferation of fraud. He leads the partnerships with several associations and coalition procurement programs for Paymerang and will identify as well as sharing best practices on reducing exposure to common compliance and fraud problems that plague institutions today.