Paymerang Transforms Global Accessory Manufacturing Company’s Accounts Payable Process

Using the latest cutting-edge technology on the front lines is mandatory for manufacturing companies who wish to be successful. Gem-Dandy – a wholesale distributor of various belts and accessories in dress, casual, workwear, and western styles – embraced Paymerang’s innovative Accounts Payable (AP) Automation to reach the same level of success in its back office.

Implementing Paymerang has helped the global accessory manufacturing company better support its mission. Since 1921, Gem-Dandy has aimed to increase brand equity and distribution in the marketplace and develop and grow its account base by emphasizing value, style, and service.

Before implementing Paymerang, Gem-Dandy’s AP team spent hours each week on tedious, manual processes, like cutting checks, obtaining signatures, printing labels, and stuffing envelopes before mailing vendor payments. The antiquated manual process was inefficient, costly, and difficult.

Paymerang provided Gem-Dandy with a holistic AP Automation solution that eliminated burdensome manual tasks, resulting in greater efficiency and an estimated yearly savings of $7,000 -$10,000 in reduced expenses.

“I would estimate that it took us less than 10 hours of staff time to implement,” said Chris Patrick, President of Gem-Dandy. “It was much easier to implement than I expected. We wish we would have implemented sooner!”

In addition to saving the finance team hundreds of hours annually, implementing Paymerang helped Gem-Dandy improve its relationship with vendors. Its vendors appreciate the process change to Paymerang, and Gem-Dandy had peace of mind knowing that Paymerang’s employees provide white-glove service to their vendors when verifying and securing remittance and account information before making a payment. With reconciliation and payment follow-up out of their hands, the Gem-Dandy staff can now focus on high-value tasks and error-free business analytics.

“The Paymerang customer service team is top-notch, knowledgeable, responsive, respectful, and always willing to help,” Patrick added.

By automating the AP process with Paymerang, Gem-Dandy can continue its success in selling valued products, acting as a licensor for popular brands, and expanding its proprietary brands.

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Matthew Kirkpatrick

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Matthew Kirkpatrick is a Vice President of Business Development at Paymerang. Matthew is married with four kids and loves to travel with his wife Adrienne – Mexico and Florence are two of his favorite destinations so far. In his spare time, he likes to coach his kids, play golf and try foods from different cultures. As a former collegiate athlete and coach, he enjoys the transferable skills from the world of athletics to business. Matthew is passionate about Paymerang mainly because of two things – the company culture, which is diverse, inclusive and collaborative and the way he gets to save time and money for organizations so they can focus more on strategic projects.