Paymerang Partners with TechSet to Prepare the Next Generation of Leaders in Tech

Paymerang announced its partnership with TechSet, a Northern-Virginia company devoted to equipping the next generation of technology leaders with the tools to succeed in fast-moving technology jobs after college graduation.

TechSet’s two-month program emphasizes work readiness, job tools, and career preparation through mentorship—providing students with real-world experience and expertise. The program is open to any junior and senior at a four-year college or university in Northern Virginia. TechSet focuses on economically disadvantaged college students who are in good standing with their current institution.

In partnership with TechSet, Paymerang has contributed $10,000 and will provide speakers and mentors to the program. Paymerang mentors will support students by sharing recruiting content, hosting student-centric events, and participating in frequent job fairs.  

The number one challenge in hiring entry-level talent is the mismatch between educational success and work readiness—a chronic problem that the TechSet and Paymerang partnership looks to address.

“We’ve found that while having technology and business skills are necessary, of equal importance is one’s interpersonal skills and professional competencies,” said Nasser Chanda, CEO of Paymerang. “The next generation will need to know how to have successful interviews, write resumes, interact in the workplace, etc. We look forward to partnering with TechSet to prepare graduating college students for their career path and setting them up for success.”

Megan Yardis

Megan Yardis