Paymerang Partners with ECI to Provide a Time and Cost-Saving AP Automation Solution to ECI Clients

Paymerang announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management (ERP) solutions that will allow Paymerang to provide its cloud-based Invoice Automation and Payment Automation solutions to ECI Software users, including 20,000-plus customers across seven industries, from manufacturing to construction. 

“We’re impressed with what Paymerang has built over the years and are thrilled to work cooperatively with them for accounts payable automation for our mutual customers. Our cultures align well, and we’re both deeply committed to helping our clients succeed in this increasingly competitive world,” said Brian Bowerfind, President of NET1.  

Using Paymerang’s AP automation solutions, ECI customers can automate their manual tasks. This automation can help customers save thousands of hours each year, be more secure and redirect their finance teams into more strategic activities. ECI customers can read, approve, post and archive invoices with a few clicks and then pay their vendors electronically. 

“The strategic relationship between Paymerang and ECI provides ECI customers with easy access to our award-winning accounts payable automation solutions that they can implement in a couple of hours. We’re ready to get to work to bring the power of electronic workflows and AI to ECI customers,” said Nasser Chanda, CEO of Paymerang.

This partnership will allow ECI clients the opportunity to automate their accounts payable processes and bring their finance team into the modern age – saving finance teams the headache of manually processing invoices and payments, allowing them to refocus on more mission-critical initiatives. 

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Matthew Kirkpatrick is a Vice President of Business Development at Paymerang. Matthew is married with four kids and loves to travel with his wife Adrienne – Mexico and Florence are two of his favorite destinations so far. In his spare time, he likes to coach his kids, play golf and try foods from different cultures. As a former collegiate athlete and coach, he enjoys the transferable skills from the world of athletics to business. Matthew is passionate about Paymerang mainly because of two things – the company culture, which is diverse, inclusive and collaborative and the way he gets to save time and money for organizations so they can focus more on strategic projects.