Paymerang is proud to partner with VASS, VASBO, and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to address cyber security with Virginia School Superintendents and Business Officers 

From its inception, Paymerang has helped our clients fight fraud and protect their organization’s treasury.

That’s why we are proud to partner with the Virginia Association of State Superintendents (VASS), the Virginia Association of School Business Officers (VASBO), and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to help Virginia’s public schools learn how they can protect their data and our taxpayer dollars from cybercrime.

The Governor and Paymerang CEO Nasser Chanda held a spirited session, with over 200 school superintendents and business officers, where they discussed some of the resources available to localities and school divisions. This includes partnering with the Fusion Center to do a cyber risk analysis, which can often be done free of charge and with minimal staff time.

On day two of the conference we held a Q&A session with thirty VASS and VASBO members, who heard from the current Governor’s administration, Paymerang’s own Director of Cybersecurity Jeff Gainer, and the Virginia State Police. The panel provided Superintendents and School Business Officers with the opportunity to learn about the threat cybercrime presents to their IT and financial infrastructure, and to ask questions of the foremost experts dealing with this threat every day.

One key takeaway from our discussion is that fighting cybercrime is not just one person’s job in an organization. It is important that organizations have a culture of information sharing and threat alertness.

Michael Doerr

Michael Doerr

Mike Doerr is Vice President of Business Development for Paymerang for the Public Sector. Prior to coming to Paymerang, he served for over a decade as a leading political and non-profit consultant in Virginia. He lives in Richmond Virginia with his wife Liz, their son Luke and pet corgi named Bowie.