Paymerang CARES Distributes Over $35.6 Million in Refunds to Students

“Issuing CARES Act payments to students via Paymerang was a no-brainer when it came to convenience, lower costs, and quality customer service.” -Controller, Goshen College

To help our higher education institution clients, Paymerang has provided resources to support the government funded CARES Act. Through our Paymerang CARES program, launched in April 2020, we were able to help our higher education clients quickly disburse CARES Act payments to students. Our higher education clients were able to send simple, digital CARES Act payments to students with zero disruptions to their existing processes. Most importantly, these payments were sent electronically and delivered directly to students. 

29,000 students nationwide were able to receive their funds more quickly and more securely

To send the secure eChecks faster and more securely, all our higher education clients had to do was upload their CSV file, fund the payments, and mark the items as paid. This simple and straightforward process allowed us to provide our clients with a quick resolution to distributing their funds.

Paymerang CARES payments were sent directly to student email addresses to ensure direct delivery to students. Once students received the funds, they had multiple deposit options: print from home and deposit personally or using mobile deposit, direct deposit via ACH (eDeposit), or deposit to a Visa debit card. The past year has been filled with uncertainty, especially for students with postponing graduation, missing milestones, and having to adapt to attending classes remotely; Paymerang wanted to ensure full transparency and security regarding students’ finances in the midst of the unknown.

88% of all payments were distributed electronically

We were proud to offer this program to our clients and help alleviate some of the unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic.

You can click here to learn more about Paymerang CARES.

Brian Cook

Brian Cook

As Vice President at Paymerang, Brian Cook brings over 19 years of experience working with various educational procurement and consortia programs designed to lower the cost of delivering high quality education, provide efficiency gain, and protect institutions against the proliferation of fraud. He leads the partnerships with several associations and coalition procurement programs for Paymerang and will identify as well as sharing best practices on reducing exposure to common compliance and fraud problems that plague institutions today.