Paymerang Approved as NHA Services Preferred Business Partner

Two new organizations approved as NHA Services preferred business partners

NHA Services, Inc., a for-profit subsidiary of the Nebraska Hospital Association is pleased to announce two new preferred business partnerships effective October 1, 2020, offering new service lines to health care providers across Nebraska.

Paymerang is an award-winning accounts payable e-payment and payment fraud solution. With a network spanning over 400,000 vendors nationwide, Richmond, Virginia-based paymerang provides its clients and partners across the U.S. with a simple, secure and profitable way to automate their accounts payable disbursements. paymerang’s partnership with NHA Services is designed to reduce both the hours and the materials required for the typical accounts payable processes in hospitals and health systems through electronic payments – saving staff time, resources and money.
Through its unique simplicity, paymerang enables clients to pay all their vendors electronically with a single payment file. By handling the entire vendor management and payment process, paymerang provides enhanced visibility, efficiency, security and financial rewards. paymerang processes over billions in payments annually to a network of over 400,000 vendors, with 75% receiving electronic payments.

For more information contact Eric Waldenmaier, VP Business Development, at (804) 334-5775 or or visit

Federal Funding Group
NHA Services, Inc. has partnered with the Federal Funding Group to establish the NHA Connectivity Consortium to assist NHA member hospitals with the application process for the Healthcare Connect Fund. Federal Funding Group’s extensive program experience can be leveraged by hospitals and health systems to maximize available funding opportunities while minimizing the administrative burden on their facilities.
Nebraska’s 2019 subsidy filings revealed a very small amount of hardware was filed for the entire state. A lot of money is being left on the table. The NHA Connectivity Consortium will deliver a comprehensive approach to the USAC program which will deliver the maximum amount of funding available to every health care provider. Unique benefits for NHA members include large scale funding for capital projects (fiber builds, eligible network equipment). Certain urban hospitals/health systems are eligible for additional funding (data centers and administrative sites). Filings can also be made for firewall managed services and equipment.

About NHA Services, Inc.
For more than 25 years, NHA Services, Inc., has been an essential partner to Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) members. We help hospitals and health care providers across the state strengthen their operational and financial performance, improve quality and outcomes, transform infrastructure, and prepare for the future. We offer unparalleled opportunities for addressing the business challenges facing health care organizations. Utilizing the services of our Preferred Business Partners supports the NHA and benefits all NHA members.

NHA Services is committed to be the first resource Nebraska health care providers turn to for access to workable, cost-effective solutions. Our partners undergo a strategic vetting process and approval by the NHA Services Board of Directors to ensure they provide the right products and services needed to respond to the changing health care landscape. Our Preferred Business Partners have passed our highest standards for quality and service.

At NHA Services, we’re all about connecting hospitals and providers with the right companies to enhance efficiencies, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care quality. We work hard to find the best business solutions in the marketplace so you can focus on doing what you do best – delivering exceptional, quality care.

For more information, visit the NHA Services website.

Eric Waldenmaier

Eric Waldenmaier

As Vice President at Paymerang, Eric maintains partnerships with various state and national associations to reach healthcare audiences through webinars, conferences and referrals. Since 2013, he has helped clients streamline vendor disbursements, eliminate fraud and earn millions of dollars through their AP departments.