Meet the Women in FinTech Powering Paymerang’s Success

In the FinTech industry, less than 30% of the workforce consists of women, with less than 20% of them occupying executive positions. This week at Paymerang, we are honoring the female leaders within our organization who have paved a path for others to follow, as recently featured in the FinTech Times’ Women in FinTech series. 

Leslie Thomason, Director of Client Success at Paymerang

I started at Paymerang 11 years ago doing a variety of roles including calling vendors and processing payments. I grew to become the Director of Client Success and managing a team that provides world-class customer service. During my tenure, we’ve streamlined the implementation process, created a vertical-specific account management structure, and made client relationship building our team’s priority.

I look forward to seeing Paymerang’s continued development of its female leaders. As we experience tremendous growth, I’m excited to see the increased opportunities as more roles are developed.

Gloria Garber, Director of People and Culture, Paymerang

I started at Paymerang as the Human Resources Director when the company had about 50 employees. As the company has quadrupled in size, my scope has broadened. It encompasses several elements including people operations, learning and development, engagement and retention, and much more.

I work with my teams to break away from the stereotype of HR as an administrative department or policy enforcers. People departments bring so much value and insights into a culture. Leaders need to pay attention to what is going on with their employees’ mindsets to make sound strategic decisions.

There is a need within our society for female corporate leaders that inspire the younger generations. It’s essential that women balance out industries and leadership teams to bring a different dynamic and diversity of thought and innovation to the table.

There is so much information out there for women on how to “behave” in the workplace – speak this way, dress that way, pay attention to body language—a lot of this advice is based on having women play by rules set in a male-dominated world. 

For women in FinTech, it’s important to stay true to your authentic self. The true value you can bring is rooted within your own skills, values, and capabilities – not someone else’s. When you’re able to be yourself, you build stronger relationships, move with more confidence, and perform better overall.

If you’re working to advance in corporate America, carve your own path. Reflect on what you want to do and where you want to go. Having this clarity will help you set goals and find the right resources to get there.

Colleen Crist, Vice President of Business Development, Paymerang

Working for a startup and holding a leadership role has been the most rewarding experience of my career. Each day I am given the chance to make a difference and help others along the way.

Being a woman and holding a leadership role in the tech industry is empowering. It has truly been a journey, full of learning experiences and challenges, but I am grateful for it all. My experience shows that it is possible to break down barriers and change the landscape of the industry. My hope is that as a woman in a leadership role, I can be an example to other women and help empower them to find their own success.

Shawn Michael, Director of Application Development

From the time I entered the workforce, I have always felt that I was empowered to choose my own path. I thank my parents and grandparents and too many professional mentors to name for that confidence. In reaching a leadership position, I have tried to coach those who report to me that they are also empowered to choose their path. With a good work ethic, a passion for learning and building positive professional relationships, we can each do our part to change our industry into one that relishes new talent, regardless of gender. 

I view my job as a leader is to keep the team moving forward towards the objectives of the company, while giving everyone the guidance and support to reach their individual goals. As an individual progresses in their knowledge and skills, they continue to improve the team.

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Megan Yardis

Megan Yardis