G2 Reviews Showcase the Numerous Ways Paymerang’s AP Automation Platform Benefits Clients

Paymerang has once again been recognized as a high performer in the Accounts Payable Automation category by G2 for Winter 2023.  

More than 60 million people annually—including employees at all Fortune 500 companies—use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. This achievement is a testament to Paymerang’s commitment to providing award-winning Invoice and Payment Automation solutions that simplify and streamline the AP process for our customers.

In 2010, Paymerang was founded to help Accounts Payable (AP) departments eliminate fractional solutions and pain points caused by manual processes. With Paymerang implemented, finance teams save thousands of hours annually while increasing efficiency, reducing errors, lowering fraud risk, and improving accounting staff retention.

While giving Paymerang outstanding reviews on G2, users have also answered the question, “What problems is Paymerang solving, and how is that benefitting you?” Read their responses below:

“By using their services, we have been able to allocate our internal resources in other ways. This has given our employees [the opportunity] to grow and experience parts of the business they may not have been able to.- Ashli S., Financial Analyst

“Paymerang has eliminated the need to process so many checks (saving my wrist as primary check signer and saving money on purchasing checks and printer toner). Our business office processes have been streamlined, saving time and hassle.”- Michael S., Director of Business Affairs

“Our accounting department is spread out over multiple locations within the U.S. Paymerang has allowed us to reduce sending checks from one location to another to get all the necessary signatures before we can mail to the vendor.”- Hilary P., Senior Accountant

“AP check runs used to be a task that tied up 3-4 people for a few hours each week. Stuffing checks in envelopes is such a redundant thing for an accounting professional to have to take the time to do. It is necessary, but Paymerang takes it out of our hands and does a much better job getting things paid for us. Vendors are now being paid via credit card and ACH, which gets our invoices cleared faster. The checks they do write arrive in a relatively timely fashion.”- Summer B., Accounts Payable Specialist

“Using Paymerang saves me time by not having to deal with preparing checks to be mailed, which allows me to tend to other responsibilities. I can get more accomplished on bill payment day by using Paymerang. Not only does it save time, money, and supplies, but it also allows our vendors, students, and customers to be paid via check, card, or ACH; the choice is theirs.”- Monique B., Director of Business Services

“Issuing checks in-house is no longer a thing except in emergencies. This is freeing up a good chunk of time for our AP Manager. Also, the follow-up on outstanding checks is a big time saver.”- Kim M., Finance Database and Project Manager

“Last year, our accounting software company got hacked, so we couldn’t use our system at all. But thanks to Paymerang, I was able to issue all payments without any issue, especially for all tax payments. They even FedEx the checks without charging us to ensure our payment was made on a timely manner.”- Katherine Y., Corporate Controller

“Paymerang is allowing us to reallocate time that was previously dedicated to payment processing. Reconciliations are becoming easier, and check distribution is minimal. We are able to spend a little more time on analysis rather than just processing.”- Verified User in Construction

“I like how the people at Paymerang offer their clients feedback and training on how to avoid payables scams. They partner with you in protecting your assets and keeping a secure environment.”- Nancy A., Business Associate and Accounts Payable Specialist

“Automation really improves my ability to accomplish other tasks!”- Melissa F., Associate

“Paymerang reduces accounts payable processing time, allowing accounting personnel to perform higher-level tasks.”- Lyen C., President

“We currently utilize the Payment Processing product that Paymerang offers. It has saved our AP a lot of time in the payment process; we no longer have to cut as many checks. Additionally, it has been a huge help during the audit process, as all payment information is saved digitally.”- Jessica D., Senior Accountant

“Paymerang’s high-security automation system has given our company leverage in sustaining our numbers and invoices protected within our walls.”- Andres J., Financial Aid Advisor

“Paymerang has helped us save time with invoice automation and payment automation. Once implemented, the interface to our accounting package works great, and the fact that the invoice is available via .pdf in the financial accounting software saves a lot of time in researching questions. Payment automation has reduced the time spent collecting invoices, signatures, stuffing, and mailing envelopes. This allows our time to spend on more worthwhile activities and much easier research vendor issues. The invoice automation allows invoices to be processed more timely, as managers have the ability to approve invoices even when they are not in the building. Invoices are no longer lost or sitting on someone’s desk awaiting processing.”- Denise F., Vice President of Finance and Administration

Paymerang is pleased to have received a second consecutive recognition from G2 in Winter 2023. We dedicate ourselves to empowering finance departments nationwide and providing users with outstanding products that solve problems and eliminate obstacles.

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Nasser Chanda

Nasser Chanda

As CEO, Nasser is responsible for ensuring that our customers receive the world-class service they have come to expect, day in and day out, from our incredibly talented and dedicated associates. Nasser also oversees the strategy and direction of the company, ensuring that Paymerang continues to lead the industry in revolutionizing B2B payments.