Crush Payment Fraud Risk in 2019 with Paymerang and Visa

CFO Leadership Council hosted Paymerang and Visa for a national, collaborative webinar presentation.

Our panel of payments and risk managment experts was comprised of Leigh Moore, Sr. Director B2B Partnerships & Innovations at Visa, Eric Waldenmaier, VP at Paymerang, and Jeff Gainer, Director of Information Security & Risk Management at Paymerang. The presentation was attended by over 60 CFOs from across the country and was moderated by Angela Tise, CFO Leadership Council’s Northeast Regional Director.

Our panel of payments and risk management experts discussed the growing threat of payment fraud risk and how CFOs and financial teams can protect their organizations.

Payment fraud risk is a very real threat to organizations. One slip-up in processing an ACH or wire transfer could cost  millions of dollars and result in significant embarrassment for finance teams. Paymerang and Visa teamed up for an interactive session to share four ways you can build a resilient organization, ready to handle the growing threats in 2019.

Our panel of payments and risk management experts shared information about the latest scams and some practical ways to prevent them.

Learning Objectives:

o Uncover the key threats of payment fraud that you face today

o Learn about the four layers of protection available to you against payment fraud

o Identify the practical steps you can implement right away to protect your organization from payment fraud

o Discover the efficiency and security gains of implementing a comprehensive ePayable solution


To view the presentation click here. 


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