Too busy to launch an ePayments program?

“We are too busy right now to implement an ePayment program.” This is what we sometimes hear from prospective clients considering Paymerang’s solution. We understand that your time is very valuable. That’s why we created one of the simplest implementation processes in the industry—launching in less than 30 days and requiring less than 20 hours of staff time. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our newly-launched clients have to say.

We asked them, “What would you tell someone considering this, but is worried they are too busy”? Here is what they said:

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“I would tell them that very little time is required from the client to implement and the benefits far outweigh that time. It will definitely pay off in time savings later.”

-Thayer Academy


“This is by far the easiest implementation I have ever participated in over my entire higher education career. It required no IT support and took less 10 hours of total staff time. It wasn’t a project, it was a small procedural change.”

-Wartburg College


“It is worth it- it doesn’t take long to set up and the process is very streamlined.  It is great because Paymerang contacts the vendors on your behalf, saving a lot of time.”

-Kansas City Art Institute


“The bulk of the work is done by Paymerang. Implement at the level of middle manager, and deliver to AP as a procedure to execute, not a project to implement.”

-Stone Ridge


“It really is a simple process and doesn’t take much time at all. Most of the work is done in the background by Paymerang.”

-Cumberland University


“Considering we went through a CFO transition, board meeting, and AP transition while going through implementation, it can be done even with a limited staff” 

-Midway University


Paymerang’s simple Implementation Plan allows you to launch an ePayments program in 30 days or less. During implementation we match or enroll all your vendors in our database. When it’s time to pay them, all you have to do is upload your check file. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can review your batch to make sure it’s correct, and fund all your payments with the touch of a button.

Paymerang handles remittance. Using our proprietary technology, we determine the payment method and remit the payment and details to your vendors.

Paymerang reconciles. We reconcile all virtual cards, ACH, and checks on your behalf. Any canceled payments are refunded to you promptly.

Paymerang pays you.  Every quarter we issue an ACH credit to your account and provide a detailed statement showing rebates, transactions and dollars processed.  


As Client Relationship Manager, Leslie ensures that Paymerang delivers world-class experience to each and every customer, day-in and day-out. With over 7 years of experience at Paymerang, Leslie enjoys working with clients on the front end—starting with their first implementation meeting—and with our operational teams on the back end as the voice of our customers.