5 Ways Automated Payments Improve Remote Work

Catastrophes, disruptions, and pandemics can happen at any time. Business Continuity Plans must include steps and tools for business to keep running and sustain cash flow. Leveraging automated payments allows you to pay your suppliers remotely without business disruption.

5 Ways Automated Payments Improve Remote Work

Automated Payments Eliminate the Need to Mail Checks

• No need to be in the office to print, sign, stuff and mail checks
• You don’t have to worry about securing your check stock
• All approvals can be made electronically

The AP Process can be Reduced into Two Simple Steps

• Simply upload a batch and fund your payments and you’re done

Access to World-Class Security from the Comfort of your Own Home

• All payments made through our network are protected by world-class payment security (including positive pay and secure electronic enrollment)
• Paymerang is compliant with top security certifications such as PCI, NACHA, OFAC and SOC-2

Access to Live Support from our Team of Payment Experts

• Even if you’re working from home, you aren’t alone in making your vendor payments
• Our support desk will address all concerns the same day

Implementation is Quick and Easy

• Our Client Success team will walk you through the entire process
• Setup takes 10 hours or less and little to no IT resources from you

By leveraging Paymerang’s automated payment platform, you make it easier for your organization to weather any storm.

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Greg Marcel

Greg Marcel

Greg leads operations at Paymerang, overseeing the end-to-end process that delivers a world-class ePayments experience. In addition, Greg heads up efforts in Fraud Prevention, Risk Management and Quality Assurance functions to ensure that not only do our clients, vendors, associates and investors have an insanely great experience, but that they are also protected from harm and risk. He is an energetic, results driven executive with more than 15 years of leadership experience in Financial Services and Manufacturing. Greg brings a track record of improving customer satisfaction by driving transformational changes to processes, procedures, and tools. Greg proudly served in the U.S. Navy Reserve before moving on to engineering at the Viasystems Group, operations at Capital One and third-party risk management at Spinnaker Consulting Group.