How Infrastructure Improvements Enable Non-Profits to Focus on their Mission

Your mission is to change the world. We can make that a little easier. For non-profits, every dollar counts. And when those dollars are spent on unnecessary operational expenses, it means less money for their mission.  Non-profits struggle to put administrative needs at the forefront of their spending. However, when they embrace technologies, such as Paymerang’s … Read More

Transform Your Business from Top to Bottom Line with Paymerang’s Invoice Automation

Most businesses still depend on manual, paper-based invoice processing. Putting paper invoices, and all the headaches that come with them, in the past is one of the best changes an Accounts Payable department can make—enabling them to focus on more strategic projects and value-added tasks. “Paymerang Invoice Automation is revolutionary for clients that want to … Read More

Paymerang Announces New Partnership with Wyoming Hospital Association

Paymerang is proud to partner with the Wyoming Hospital Association to provide their members with a time and cost-saving AP Automation solution. Paymerang has partnered with the Wyoming Hospital Association (WHA) to provide its best-in-class electronic payables solution to their healthcare community hospitals. With Paymerang, hospitals will be able to automate their accounts payable disbursements, … Read More

Paymerang Saves Over 50K Pounds of Paper and Reduces Carbon Emissions

As an electronic payments company, we are dedicated to reducing paper checks and conserving natural resources. Since our inception, we have processed 2,000,000+ electronic payments. In the process, we have saved thousands of pounds of papers and helped our clients reduce their carbon footprint by reducing Greenhouse gas emissions. We don’t just celebrate Earth Day … Read More

OFAC Compliance and Why It’s Important

Who is OFAC? The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is a division of the U.S Department of the Treasury that supports U.S foreign policy by enforcing sanctions against countries and groups. Entities under U.S sanctions include foreign governments, narcotics traffickers, money laundering culprits and organizations involved in terrorism or the proliferation of weapons of … Read More

Paymerang CARES Distributes Over $35.6 Million in Refunds to Students

“Issuing CARES Act payments to students via Paymerang was a no-brainer when it came to convenience, lower costs, and quality customer service.” -Controller, Goshen College To help our higher education institution clients, Paymerang has provided resources to support the government funded CARES Act. Through our Paymerang CARES program, launched in April 2020, we were able to help our … Read More

Paymerang Named to RTD’s Top Workplaces 2021

Paymerang is honored to be named a Top Workplace in Richmond for 2021.   “We’re humbled by this recognition and take great pride in our company culture and especially in our team members,” said Nasser Chanda, CEO of Paymerang. “Our rapid growth and success within the past year is attributed to the dedication of each of our … Read More

Magnolia Regional Health Center Raves about Paymerang Efficiency

Prelude Software, a leading provider of payment management technology, has partnered with Paymerang, an award-winning accounts payable automation solution. This partnership solution allows hospitals to send their payments directly from their MEDITECH Accounts Payable, through Prelude’s PayPilot solution to Paymerang for payment processing with one click. The Prelude PayPilot Processing Module, in connection with Paymerang’s solution, is now available to … Read More

Paymerang Celebrates Employee Appreciation Week

At Paymerang, our incredible employees are the backbone of our operations and the drivers of our tremendous growth. To celebrate all our teammates for their integrity, grit, passion and positivity, we hosted a week-long Employee Appreciation event!  Each day we held a different event to show our appreciation for our teammates, culminating in an end-of-week … Read More

Paymerang Partners with Prelude Software to Expand Healthcare Portfolio

Prelude’s PayPilot® Payment Processing Module for MEDITECH Expanse now direct-connects to Paymerang Paymerang, a leader in accounts payable automation, announced a new strategic business partnership with Prelude Software, and now is integrated into Prelude’s PayPilot payment processing module.  Prelude’s PayPilot makes it easy for MEDITECH Expanse Hospital clients to use Paymerang for its disbursement. This comprehensive solution allows hospitals to … Read More